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Noble Rot is het vetste magazine over wijn dat er bestaat. Geen snobbistisch geleuter over wijn, wel dikke wijnen en mooie artikelen. Dit is een combi-deal met de vijf laatste edities van Noble Rot (inclusief de nieuwe editie die 28 oktober wordt gepubliceerd).


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Noble Rot Editie 29

Noble Rot is het vetste magazine over wijn dat er bestaat. Geen snobbistisch geleuter over wijn, wel dikke wijnen en mooie artikelen.


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Noble Rot 30

Are the Sulphur Wars – the exhausting ideological battle over the addition of SO₂ that has polarised the natural and traditionalist wine scenes – finally coming to an end?  Judging by the recent softening of rhetoric from previously purist quarters, we dare to hope.  Here at Rotter Towers, we’ve always valued an open mind above generalisations, celebrating the best zero/ low-sulphur wines alongside decidedly unnatural classics from the ‘70s and ‘80s.  So we’re delighted that divisions over one of the most important methods for wine preservation and hygiene are fast giving way to a middle ground.  Here, we report on how adding the tiniest amounts of brimstone – the ancient name for sulphur – can mean fewer mousey, oxidised, or otherwise bogging wines.

Also in this issue we…

…interview rapper/ actor Kano – A.K.A Sully from Netflix gangster classic Top Boy – and the TV star who almost single-handedly taught Britain, and almost certainly your mum, to cook: Delia.  Fellow culinary legend Angela Hartnett talks to the icon – for whom, like Pelé just one name suffices – about everything from her days at the BBC to owning Norwich City FC, while Kano waxes lyrical about his burgeoning love of wine.

…travel to Saint-Joseph in the Northern Rhône Valley to meet Jean-Louis Chave and Jean Gonon, and profile Corsica’s Sciaccarellu, France’s tiniest domaines, the wine-centric area of New York City that you should not call Dimes Square, and the old-school Napa wineries that are being bought up in their dotage.

Elsewhere, Henry Harris professes his love for fatty foods, Alice Feiring reflects on temporarily losing her smell, Marina O’Loughlin reviews Vasco & Piero’s Pavilion, anti-social agony uncle John Niven answers readers’ questions, Brawn’s Ed Wilson kicks off our new series on cooking with wine, Kate Spicer tells us why she can’t love any restaurant that doesn’t love her dog, and Simon J Woolf reports on how vignerons are eschewing the use of new oak. Roll out the barrel!

Noble Rot 29

Greetings Earthlings, and welcome to Noble Rot 29, a cosmic new collection of writing about wine, food and culture.

In this issue we…

A well-worn wine-trade legend involves a venerable merchant being asked when they last mistook Bordeaux for Burgundy. “Not since lunchtime” is their answer. Loved by some and reviled by many, the often-ignominious art of blind tasting – AKA trying to identify a wine without seeing the label – comes under the spotlight in the new issue of Noble Rot.

Also in this issue…

… interview king of interviewers Louis Theroux and disco queen Róisín Murphy. We find ourselves dancing to the tune of Theroux’s wiggle wiggle while Murphy tells Noble Rot agony uncle John Niven about her love of food over a pre-gig supper.

…travel to Andalusia to meet some of Sherry’s most exciting new winemakers, and profile Jura Yellow Wine, Emilia-Romagna’s DenavoloCretan wine, and Barbacàn, the Instagram dance sensations busting a move on Valtellina’s vertiginous slopes.

…hear about Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker ‘Greatest Meal’ at New York’s The Four Seasons.

…Elsewhere, Marina O’Loughlin wishes chefs would stay in the kitchen, comedian Isy Suttie tells us how she found her passion for wine at Oddbins, Alice Feiring tells us why she’s not having ‘mouse taint’,

Robert Walters reflects on two pivotal vintages for Champagne, and Henry Harris professes his love for andouillette – France’s stinky sausage. Somebody open the windows!

Noble Rot 28

In this issue we…

… interview intergalactically acclaimed physicist Professor Brian Cox and punk-poet laureate John Cooper Clarke. Cox blows our tiny minds moving effortlessly between explaining that black holes are made of curved space and time and his passion for Chardonnay, while the ‘Good Doctor’ Cooper Clarke whisks Noble Rot’s Suzanne Moore away on an epic extended lunch.

…travel to northwest Italy to meet some of Piedmont’s most exciting new winemakers, and profile Gattinara in Alto Piemonte.

…reprise Rotters’ ‘New Food and Wine Dictionary’ from Noble Rot 14 with fresh contributions from Brian Eno, Angela Hartnett and Ed Balls et al.

… discover which birth year wines have been highs and lows for NBA legend Dwyane Wade, Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson, among others, and hear about Fay Maschler’s ‘Greatest Meal’.

Meanwhile, our anti-social agony uncle John Niven reports on LA’s food scene, Marina O’Loughlin tells us why she HATES brunch, and we feature stories and recipes about Coteaux Champenois, hell-raising restaurateur Peter Langan, poulet à la mode de Charolles, why food and sex should never mix, and how to improvise a serviceable cheese board from your corner shop.

En ook editie 26 en 27.