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Beyond Flavour 2nd edition


Nick Jackson – inmiddels master of wine – vond het blind proeven maar lastig. Dat kwam omdat het alleen maar gebaseerd was op het smaakprofiel. Hij kwam erachter dat zuren voor wit en tannines voor rood óók een belangrijke indicator zijn voor de identiteit van een wijn. Een eye-opener. Voor iedereen die z’n blindproefskills wil opkrikken. Let wel, dit is voor de beginnende wijndrinker misschien nog een brug te ver, maar ben je bijvoorbeeld bezig met WSET3 of WSET4, dan is het ge-wel-dig. Scroll omlaag voor meer info.

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Beyond Flavour: The Indispensable Handbook to Blind Wine Tasting is Nick Jackson MW’s book on wine tasting, released in 2020 to widespread acclaim. It describes a different approach to wine tasting than the one usually taught in wine education. Rather than focusing on the flavours of a wine as the primary means of identifying the origin and grape variety of which the wine is composed, Beyond Flavour advocates an approach based on assessing a wine’s structure. For white wines, that means acid structure, and for red wines, tannin structure. Nick argues that each major variety has a slightly different structure, and by assessing the structure, it is possible to distinguish varieties from one another without recourse to flavours, which can be inconsistent and unreliable markers.

Beyond Flavour Second Edition

  • Producer recommendations for each variety and major region of origin
  • A ‘confusions’ section in each variety entry, detailing how to distinguish between similar tasting varieties
  • Every variety entry has been re-organised, and now begins with a clear statement of the variety’s structure
  • All the regional style discussions now immediately follow each relevant variety, reducing the need to flip between sections
  • Three new variety entries (Verdejo, Tannat, Saperavi)
  • Each variety entry has an illustration. There are some duplicate illustrations due to similar structure profiles, but every entry now has an accompanying illustration
  • A table of structure, summarising each variety’s structure (available for download below)
  • A table of indicative analytical values, summarising alcohol and sugar level in key sparkling, sweet and fortified wines (also available for download below)
  • Much of the content has been re-written, incorporating new insights, especially the new concept of ‘construction,’ which tries to move our understanding of varieties beyond simply structure and into a more holistic view of how wines work in the mouth
  • A glossary of wine terms used in the book
  • An index

(source: Nick Jackson)

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